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How Significant SD-WAN Is? SD-WAN is basically an abbreviation for..

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How Significant SD-WAN Is?

SD-WAN is basically an abbreviation for Software Defined networking in Wide Area Network. Simplifying the process of decoupling or separating networking hardware onto the control mechanism is the main function of SD-WAN. As for idea, it is actually the same on how software defined networking applies virtualization technology for improving not just the operation but also, the data center management.

The major function for why companies are integrating SD-WAN is to have wide area networks with higher performance by making use of low cost and at the same time, commercially available internet accessibility. As a matter of fact, this has made it possible for business owners to have an alternative in replacing expensive private WAN connection technology be it partial or whole.

Through the use of WANs, it makes it possible for the company to connect distant branches into their data center and to each other, extend the reach of their network and also, deliver a better application and service needed by the business. As a matter of fact, there are countless of operational challenges that companies face when trying to extend their network across multiple networks of carriers and when trying to cover longer distances. This includes but not limited to network congestion, packet loss, jitter and occasional service outages.

Be it VOIP calling, streaming media, video conferencing and virtualized desktops etc. all these new innovations call for low latency. The bandwidth requirements are increasing too especially for apps that feature HD vides. Trying to expand the capability of your wide area network can be a real challenge. Well the good thing is that, the products for SD-WAN are centered for addressing the said issues in the network. By way of replacing or enhancing traditional branch routers using virtualization appliances that control application level policies as well as offering network overlay, the less costly consumer grade internet connections may function more like a dedicated circuit.

As a matter of fact, this is simplifying the setup process for the branch personnel. SD-WAN products might be virtual or physical appliances and installed in corporate data centers, bigger offices, remote offices and so forth.

The beauty of centralized controller is the fact that it is setting the policies and prioritizing traffic. SD-WAN is taking into mind these policies as well as the availability of network bandwidth in routing traffic. The truth is, it guarantees that the performance of application meets the SLA or Service Level Agreements at all times.

According to research, it is defined that an effective and efficient SD-WAN always carry 4 major characteristics and these are the ability of supporting multiple connections, the ability of doing dynamic path selection for resiliency and load sharing purposes, ability of supporting VPNs and other third party services and provide a simple interface that’s both manageable and configurable.

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