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Is Your Home Safe Of Radon Dangers There is every..

Why No One Talks About Services Anymore

Is Your Home Safe Of Radon Dangers

There is every reason why you should test your home to find out if there is any radon gas. Radon gas is especially dangerous to non-smokers because of the effect of radon to their lungs. The risk of radon gas is not easy to minimize.

Radon despite not being visible or tangible it still causes dangers in homes. It is better to be safe than sorry by doing a radon test at home. The duration of the radon test kits is normally 48 hours and a further week for the lab results to return from the lab. There are electronic testing devices that can be used to do the radon testing which is a faster way. If a 48 hour cannister can deliver the same results as the expensive machinery it is preferred to use the canisters. The simplicity of canister test kits makes them a better choice and also the fact that they last long. Hardware shops stock cannisters.

If you test and discover that your home has small radon levels, there is the urge to take some action to oversee that radon remediation is done. Radon remediation is done at home and there is a guarantee of effectiveness if done on a Saturday.It will give your family the radiation fortification needed.

Radon remediation is done using a number of ways. The drain tile, home design, sump pit and crawl socks are guides in ensuring the radon shelding is done by a trained radon mitigation technician.

The myth that a new home and hence no radon is far-fetching. The fact is that it is not true and new homes just like older homes can all have a radon problem and much of it is attributed to the how tight the house is built.

The assumption that if your neighbors have no radon then your house too is radon free. The fact of this notion is that houses are different and you could be thinking your house doesn’t have that radon while in essence it has.

A third myth is that radon is not harmful because maybe you have been in a house for several years and no health issues. The fact of the matter here is, lung cancer in non-smokers is caused by radon.

Before doing radon testing there are several factors that a home owner should consider to ensure that radon levels are reduced.

If they are done before the testing the levels could go down to less than 4pCi/L. If these things are done before radon testing it is seen that the levels are now lower with 0.5.kg/hours. Upon completion of the radon testing the gases will become lower to the tune of 0.5kg/hours. Radon testing helps to lower the levels to 0.5 kgs/hour and as low as below 4pC/Li. This precaution ensures that you are in a safety zone and there may not be need to install an active system for radon testing.

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