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    How to Care for a Yorkie Puppy

    When you have a Yorkie puppy, showering them with love and attention is the easiest part. Now, although they’re not quite as sensitive as they look , young Yorkies require tender loving care so they grow up into lighthearted, healthy and disciplined dogs.

    Here are important considerations to make as you nurture your Yorkie pup:

    Nutrition and Hydration

    First off, growing Yorkie pups need lots of food!First and foremost, growing Yorkies need quite an amount of food!First of all, growing Yorkie puppies should get lots of food! In fact, they should have food available at all times until their 3rd or 4th month. Of course, this should come with water as well. By their third month, puppy feedings must be scheduled regularly, with a minimum of three small meals daily.

    Goes without saying that food must be top quality and made particularly for …